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Every adult needs help sometimes, no matter what their situation! That’s when our professional counsellors and life therapists come into play, to give you that little helping hand and room to breath and express your self. It is cathartic to express your emotions to a third party and one that has the knowledge and experience to guide you on to the right path!

BrightLife Counselling is a local organisation that has been providing expert and qualified counselling services to the general public of Greater Manchester for many years. The company offers to counsel adults, couples and young people or families throughout the City. BrightLife Counselling is committed to providing a flexible service across the local community to help people with personal or relationship issues.

Counselling is about listening to the client, giving you the time and space to talk about your difficulties in a safe & secure, confidential and non-judgemental environment. It allows you to think about your situation, explore issues, and find ways of managing your problems. BrightLife Counselling counsellors are highly trained and committed practitioners with decades of experience between them.

We are always here to listen so why not give us a call today! With our free 30 minute taster session, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Counselling or therapy in Greater Manchester is often the first and usually one of the best methods we at BrightLife have against a whole range of psychological issues like depression, grief or anxiety. You could be doing everything correctly, leading a model life, exercising and getting all the nutrients you need in your diet, but nothing can quite replace the benefits you get from real human interaction – it’s a genuinely unique source of support.

Mental health has often been a taboo subject but now people are beginning to speak about mental health much more. But, counselling is not just for mental health problems, it’s also useful for things like relationship problems, difficult life events and behavioural problems.

Having someone to talk to, who is there specifically to listen to you talk about your feelings, is an invaluable boon to many people. Often people find solace in talking to friends or family, but for many people, this can actually be a barrier to openly and honestly discussing your issues. This is where BrightLife come in as a shoulder to lean on.

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